A quadcopter or quadroopter is a kind of mini helicopter having four rotor blades placed in the front and one rotor blade on the top. This kind of helicopter is ideal for indoor flying as its small size enables it to be stored easily. These four blades work in tandem to provide the helicopter with lift which allows it to stay aloft even if there is low air pressure overhead.

The term “quadcopter” came from the term “quattro” which means four wheels. In the early days, these machines were designed only to be used indoors. However, with the advancement of technology, the design and the performance of these machines have improved dramatically. Today, a quadcopter is commonly used for recreational purposes and sometimes for aerial filming or photography as well. A quadcopter drone is particularly useful for surveillance as it can be used to scout out targets without having to put on and remove its wings.

Like other helicopter models, quadcopters are available in three major variants namely the mono-cycle, the double-cycle and the multiple model. Each variant has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the mono-cycle quadcopter is the cheapest among all the varieties. It is capable of providing only moderate lift to the aircraft due to its engine shortage, whereas the other types can produce stronger lift depending on the engine power.

Another important difference between a regular helicopter and a quadcopter is that the latter has a rotor blade that separates its body from its rotor hub. Although the rotor blades cannot rotate in reverse, the presence of the body increases the stability of the quadcopter and makes it more efficient at high speeds. Moreover, the presence of four rotors increases the lift which can enable the quadcopter to glide at greater speeds. Some of the advanced versions of this drone model also feature external battery packs which allow flight even without the presence of the batteries.

The other main difference between this drone model and other forms of remote controlled helicopters is that they can be flown and controlled using a remote control device such as a transmitter and receiver pair or a remote control gadget like a transmitter and gyroscope. This type of remote control also enables its users to transfer its flight modes between the remote control and the real quadcopter. The best thing about this drone model is that it is capable of both indoor and outdoor operation. A user just needs to attach the transmitter to a suitable place and point it towards the quadcopter via a radio signal. Once the signal has been acquired, the user will then be able to use it to control the quadcopter accordingly. This means that the user can either let the quadcopter fly in a standby mode where it remains stationary until a suitable signal arrives or he can activate the transmitter and move it towards the area that he wants to scan with its quadrocopter camera.

Remotely operated quadcopters such as this one are often equipped with a set of propellers. These propellers, mounted on the rear or the front of the quadcopter, are often used in obstacle flight. However, they are also used in indoor activities such as indoor fundancing, indoor paintball games, indoor volleyball and even indoor hockey games. Some versions of this model come equipped with a flight control system with the additional capacity to change the direction of the propellers by means of a switch. This allows the user to go from one direction to another with the support of the added prop.

There are other models of quadcopter that come with different attachments. For instance, some come equipped with a carrying case and a mini quadcopter with a battery and transmitter already attached to it. Some also come equipped with cameras, which enable them to be used as a surveillance or monitoring unit in areas that cannot be accessed directly. This type of quadcopter is often used in military circles for surveillance and hunting purposes.

Finally, some models of these flying devices are equipped with a remote control, which allows the user to control the altitude, direction and other flight characteristics of the quadcopter. The radio signal transmitted from the transmitter is received by the receiver of the remote control. Some can also be equipped with a camera or laser pointer, which can help a user to identify and distinguish his/her targets. All in all, these devices are designed mainly for recreational and business purposes.

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