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Download the V1 .stl parts, these parts are for the version listed in the video, the new V2 files with significant improvements can be found on />
Parts list on

The 3d printer material I use for my printer:

Papers about the Quadrotor Biplane from 2013-now:
Experimental Investigation of Performance of a Wing-Propeller System for a Quad-Rotor-Biplane Micro Air Vehicle:
Development of a Quad-Rotor Biplane MAV with Enhanced Roll Control Authority in Fixed Wing Mode:
Design and Development of a Scaled Quadrotor Biplane with Variable Pitch Proprotors for Rapid Payload Delivery:
Aerodynamic and Mechanical Design of a Morphing Winglet for a Quadrotor Biplane Tail-sitter:
Expanding the Mission Capabilities of a Quadrotor Biplane Tail-sitter with Morphing Winglets:

Music by Dyalla Swain

UMD Aerospace:

Mini QBiT stands for Mini Quadrotor Biplane Tail-sitter… meant to include that

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