If you’ve been thinking about buying one of the best drones on the market for a beginner’s first RC flight, then you’ll also want to think about buying a quality mini quadcopter kit. Beginner pilots often have lots to learn; flying a mini quadcopter or anything remotely controlled is pretty simple, but mastering it sometimes takes time. In the meantime, there are several cheap drones, like the ones you can get for $30, that you can crash, but with a little perspective here today, those are probably the best drones for newbies anyway. In this article we will go over some basic information and features you might want to look for when buying an RC model.

Today’s mini RC helicopters come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. We will start with a very inexpensive choice; they are called “fly SkyFi”, or “Skybound”, and the built in transmitter is so small you can easily carry it in your pocket. The first thing you should do is pre-program your smartphone for a flying radius, or about ten to fifteen feet around, depending on the size of your smartphone. This will help you get your quadcopter flying out from under your arm. You can set this distance from the phone on the “fly” setting of your smartphone.

Next, if you would rather go smaller, then the “ready to fly” RC quadcopter kits are an excellent choice. These are pre-assembled, battery powered, zero-apo charge remote controller units that are specially designed for beginners. And they come with many accessories that make flying more comfortable, like realistic propane regulators, throttle sticks, and realistic propellers. The propane tanks are usually stored in a carrying case. Most models come with a pre-assembled remote control with a range of approximately twelve to thirty feet.

For the next step up in the best drone machines, you have the remote-controlled aircraft such as the DJI phantom, or the dragonfly series. These are larger versions of the first two choices and are much more suitable for longer flights. They are generally intended for indoor flying with a great deal of caution. Long battery life and ease of operation are one of their best attributes.

Ready to fly (RTF) or “ready to fly” (RTF) RC quadcopters offer beginners and other enthusiasts the ability to get their planes airborne without the cost of a ready to fly (or RTF) version. Most RTF models are sold with assembly guides for newbies, which makes assembly much simpler for anyone that has never built a quad before. The only downside to this option is that the faster you build your planes, the less room you will have for errors.

The last category is an incredible value and is the camera hobbyist’s best friend. DPI is the measurement of the size and weight of the camera that is included in your amazing drone kits. DPI is important because it affects the flight time and overall performance of the plane.

When kids are involved, things can get complicated. If kids want a flying toy, they should always have one that is built for them. One of the best drones that kids love to fly is the joygeek mini drone kit. It comes with a transmitter and battery, a battery, propellers, a control board, and even a radio. If your kids are into RC cars or even helicopters, then this is the toy for them.

The last two choices we have for you in our best flying toys list are the DJI Phantom 2 and the HP iPAQ. The first two items have remote controls, transmitters, cameras, and even some other cool software specs for you to look over. The remote control has four channels and has the ability to send SMS messages to other devices. The HP iPAQ has a camera and rechargeable batteries, and it has two channels.

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