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Starting 2019 with 5min 24sec of Actual Backyard flight! Flight starts at 15:42
This episode also covers allot of the doings and reflecting that comes with operating the chAIR….Enjoy!
163kg TOW . Total flying time was 5 min 24seconds, partly in ground effect, which turned out to be 30% of the battery capacity(!). 35kg LiPo currently mounted on the craft.
Typical hover efficiency 7.5-7.7g/W
FC 5x KK 2.1 running stock 1.6 firmware
Motors 76x Multistar Elite 5010 274Kv
ESC 76x afro 20A HV, with one extra 63V 330uF low ESR capacitor fitted to each ESC to handle the long current path from battery to ESC.
Batteries 80x Multistar 4S 5.2Ah
RC 5x Turnigy TGY-i6S Digital Proportional Radio Control System
All of the above purchased from Hobby King, -my favorite online hobby shop!
Total cost approximately 10.000USD

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