A quadcopter, or quadrotor, is a kind of small helicopter with two rotors that is usually constructed for use as a hobby. These mini helicopters have become very popular not only with model airplane enthusiasts but also with various commercial ventures. Many quad copters can be controlled from the ground, though some need to be flown into the air. The best ones are very aerodynamic and can go as high as 15 feet above the ground.

Unlike most other aircraft, a quadcopter does not have a tail rotor or propellers. Instead, its rotor blades are arranged in a shape like that of a fan. They spin in a fan-like fashion to propel the aircraft forward. Although these mechanical Simplicity is the main benefit of these types of mini crafts, there are a few other reasons to purchase one of these machines for your own enjoyment.

The first reason is the mechanical simplicity of them. As mentioned above, these crafts have no propellers and therefore cannot rotate propellers, which often limits the designs they can incorporate. However, these machines still come with some degree of electronic stability. If you fly one of these quads with good radio control techniques, you will be able to keep it aloft for a long time without the need for complex adjustments to its performance.

The second reason to purchase a quadcopter is its ability to be flown indoors or outdoors. Although some are sold for outdoor applications, most are made to be controlled indoors, usually with a transmitter and receiver both inside the aircraft and attached to a computer. Although originally these machines were intended for use by pilots in remote airfields, many can now be obtained for recreational uses. This allows them to be stored away easily and for longer periods of time, meaning that they can be taken out for a leisurely weekend trip and still be flying and controlled when you come back.

The final reason to own a quadcopter instead of a smaller, lighter-weight drone is the flexibility and user friendliness of the craft. A small quadcopter is difficult to control, especially if you have not had much training. However, a larger uav is equally hard to maneuver, making it something best left as a professional job. A quadcopter is so easy to operate that even a child with barely a few hours of spare time a week can master flying one.

It is important to remember, however, that despite their size, quadcopters are also highly vulnerable to crash damage. It is important to take crash damage into account when choosing a UAV for your purposes. Most drone manufacturers state that their crafts are designed to crash hard and resist impact, but this is far from being a complete success. Quadcopter are not immune to crash damage, even if they are designed to be remotely controlled, so make sure you have a crash course to fly one before purchase.

With all the advances in technology, it may seem like a UAV’s battle with a remote-control helicopter is hopeless. That may be true in some circles, but it’s far from clear on the playing field today. Remote-controlled helicopters have been steadily losing their appeal to the military due to weight and complexity problems. In contrast, a quadcopter can weigh a few ounces and is as simple to pick up as an umbrella. UAVs are also increasingly sophisticated, making them nearly impossible to shoot down. This is changing the playing field dramatically and fast.

It may be too soon to upgrade to a new quadcopter, especially since some of the current models have an effective flight range of a few hundred feet. However, with the current range being useful for surveillance purposes, the addition of a tail rotor would give you a larger target area for your quadcopter, especially if you intend to use it for recon missions. The best way to decide whether or not to buy a quadcopter is to do a little research and consider how the capabilities currently fit into your needs. A good guide will have helpful information on weight, size, and flight range. Then, you can make an informed decision before plunking down your hard earned money.

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