Make A Quadcopter How To Make Drone Part.2

1.How to make quadcopter
2.How to make Drone
3.How to make Cheapest quadcopter
4.How to make quadcopter using kk 2.1.5 flight controller
5.How to make quadcopter in hindi

Delhi lajpat rai market se

Parts price ⬇
1.BLDC 4 Moters 1000kv 1050.Rs
2. Transmitter flyskyct6b 2050.Rs
3. Flight C kk 2.1.5 1000.Rs
4.lipo B 2200mAh 25c 900.Rs
5.lipo B charger B3 400.Rs
6.F450 + Landing Gear 700.Rs
7. ESC 30A 1050.Rs


Bounus Electronics Shop No = 594-A lal quila Mateo station

Ye price shop ke hisab se kam jada ho sakta hai

How to make 100aw inverter

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