These are aerial clips showing a unique look at the major damage in downtown Napa caused by the earthquake on August 24, 2014.

This video is intended for educational purposes to show builders and building owners across the world the results of this earthquake. (It’s worth noting, fortunately, most homes and commercial buildings do not appear to have suffered structural damage, with the exception of brick chimneys.)

This video is also intended to show how a quadcopter / drone can be used to help identify hazards and asses damage in this situation.

Thanks to my friend Bill Scholer from Napa for the very nice songs for the background.

Quadcopter/camera used: DJI Phantom 2 Vision +

*If your building was damaged and you would like me to document the damage, feel free to contact me.

*** Also please note: you may notice I was very cautious while flying this quadcopter. I did not fly over any large crowds, and kept the device close to me at all times to maximize my control. Often I first asked if it would be ok if I filmed. The only time I was asked not to film was at Target(for some reason?), so I stopped. Of the 300-400 people around me during the 5 hours of off and on filming, not a single person objected to it’s use, and many people were fascinated by the tool.


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