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0:00 Introduction
2:50 Assembly

8:55 Workings overview
10:14 Code overview
12:25 Time management
15:32 The Gyro.h Library
17:17 The Gyroscope and Accelerometer Overview
21:49 The Implementation in Code – reading Data
30:15 PID Regulation
38:55 Radio Transmission
41:30 Checking Commands and Errors
44:05 Thrust-Parameters
45:00 Conclusion

The Parts(Affiliate-Links)


Small ESC’s

2200KV Motors

Propeller 6045

PowerDistributionBoard with XT60

Lipo with XT60

Arduino Nano


ESC //only small ESC like these will fit into the arms
The Motors

Arduino Nano



Power Distribution Board

Analog Joysticks

_________________RAW PARTS LIST_______________________________________

List Drone

4 brushless motors
4 matching propeller
4 ESC electronic speed controller //only small ones will fit into the arms
1 PDB – Power Distribution Board, or use a 5V Regulator with a capacitor and maybe a diode
1 Quadcopter Frame or use the STL-Files I made from the Project Folder
1 Dean plug(note that the one sodlerd to the PDB has to match your LiPo Battery)
1 LiPo Battery(I would recommand 3S with a C rating of 30 or higer)
1 LiPo Battery Strap, to fix the LiPo to the Quad
1 Arduino Nano
1 MPU6050
1 NRF24 Module
A few Pin Header
100uF Capacitor
10uF Capacitor (if you have trouble with the NRF24 Module, use a 100uF capacitor directly on the Module)
1 aktive buzzer
1 Wire to Borad Screw Terminal(to attach the power supply, can be solderd as well)
at least AWG 16 Wire

A Circutboard or use the Gerberfile from the Projectfolder and purchase at JLCPCP for exaple(easier but more expensive)

_______________________LIST RADIOTRANSMITTER________________________________

1 9V Battery
1 9V battery plug
1 Circut Board
2 Analog Joystick
1 NRF24
1 Switch
100uF Capacitor
10uF Capaticor
A Wooden Plate or something to mount the parts on,
or use my STL-File From the Project folder as I did. (it is designed for a 50X70mm Circut Board)

references //MPU6050 REGISTERMAP //MPU6050 DATASHEET //using ESC with Arduino //the i²c communication //javidx9 does videos on c++ and pogramming

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