Parrot Swing Quadcopter Plane Drone Flight Test Video – I had my doubts about this quadcopter, and thought it was more of a gimmicky copter than one that would work. Well i have had to eat my words, as i had so much fun with it. Now, its not perfect but as a quadcopter it is stable, and flies well but it is so much fun when you change it into a plane mid-air. In plane the controls work very well, although i did find it a bit difficult to begin with, but then after a few minutes i settled into it and had a lot of fun. Changing back to a quadcopter in mid-air is also possible and it works so very very well. If i was to change anything about this quad, then it would be to redefine its ‘sails’.

This Quadcopter –

00:24 – Intro
02:38 – Pre flight checks and setup
03:24 – Liftoff
03:41 – Altitude Hold check
03:44 – Quadcopter Mode
04:33 – Camera Test
05:06 – Plane Mode
05:32 – Quadcopter Mode
07:16 – Smartphone Flight
08:46 – landing and Verdict

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