Starting to get the Stingray 6s motor/ESC/BEC/battery setup dialed in.

The motor is a 2000KV (stock pinion) Scorpion 2221 with Castle Ice Lite Edge 50, also using a CC 10AMP BEC set to 6.4v. Unfortunately this is not a drop in/plug and play match and a lot of TX changes must be made, as well as using a 8ch Futaba RX to make this work correctly running the ESC input separate from the TG-Multi Ch3 THR as the limits for the TG Multi throttle will not match the ESC’s arm/RPM settings if you want to use the TG Multi’s hold and auto glide features. If there is enough interest in this set-up, I can make a video on how to set-up the castle ESC so that your TG-Multi is getting the readings it needs, as well as the correct range and RPM out the Castle ESC needs. The raw settings in the TG-Multi are stock, except for with my flying style I’ve found I prefer 50 degrees pitch on +/- and all four rotors rather than 52. Otherwise the flight control in the model is set-up entirely off CY’s Futaba TX set-up videos.

P.S.- for Stingray owners, I am finding that increasing the RPM of the Stingray is not beneficial, so do not try to do this to get more power. A consistent amount of RPM and greater amount of torque is key. Unlike a heli, having more torque does not directly effect the way the model inherently flies in relationship to how true the model feels as all the torque factors cancel themselves out on a 4 rotor system, instead the more torque, the straighter the model will fly as the gyros and rotors have extra power to correct during loaded situations. So a key point you’ll notice with this set-up the RPM is not any higher than with the stock power system. Actually, according to my tach, it is 40 RPM lower…but produces the appearance and feel of significantly more power.

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