These important flight training tips will help prevent you from losing your quadcopter. It’s very important to learn how not to lose orientation of your quadcopter. This can be done by observings its movement alone. What would you do if one day you flew further away than you could be able to visually distinguish your quadcopters front or back? Also this might come in handy for advanced quadcopters, such as DJI. If one of those notorious fly aways is experienced, simply switch to manual control and follow these procedures to help bring it back.

A simple way to bring it back close to you is to first push forward on the pitch control to gain forward movement. Then notice which direction the quadcopter is moving in the distance. If its moving left, turn left to turn the quadcopter in your direction. If its moving right in the distance, turn right to point it toward you. If it alternates between right and left, just keep matching the direction that you turn with its movement. Remember, if its moving right, turn right. If its moving left, turn left.

Video flight tutorial with my $68 WLToys V222 Cyclone quadcopter. This is a great quadcopter, and best to learn on for simple, cheap, and easy aerial video tasks. It’s much better to learn with than a flight simulator, it’s real! It comes ready to fly with a built-in remote control video camera. WLToys V222 Quadcopter–Or-Or-Www_banggood_com-Or-Wholesale-Upgrade-Wltoys-V959-V2-2_4G-6-Axis-4CH-RC-Quadcopter-With-Camera-Mode-2-RTF-p-67794_html-p-67794.html?p=RB0922217402201307U3 />
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