A quadcopter, or quadrocopter, is an advanced version of a helicopter that has four spinning rotors instead of the two fixed wings that are found on an ordinary helicopter. The quadcopter is able to stay in the air for a longer period of time, usually several miles (km) at a time. There are various different variations of these types of machines, from those that are capable of speeds up to ninety miles per hour (mph). In some instances, these machines may even be capable of soaring through the sky and into the upper atmosphere for days at a time! Such is the marvel of the modern age!

These new and innovative machines are used for many things, including being remotely piloted by one person, or group of people, or for military operations. However, a new form of these vehicles is rapidly gaining in popularity for use in hobbies, and recreational applications. In the past, a quadcopter was typically outfitted with a controller that either had to be flown by a live person, or was controlled via a wired system. These types of machines were not only highly impractical for someone without much flying experience but often resulted in crashes, which prevented many aspiring pilots from ever becoming involved in the hobby.

However, with the advances in technology that have recently been made possible by the development of miniature computers, as well as software programs that can effectively control these new aircraft, new versions of the old machines are now being released. In many instances, these new designs do not require a pilot to fly them. Instead, they can be flown from a “hand-held” PC by a person sitting in a position that is comfortable for sitting in a flying position. These so-called “drones” or quadcopters, as these vehicles are frequently referred to, have become quite popular not only for hobbyists but also for commercial ventures. Here are a few examples of what these aircraft can be used for:

Remotely piloted vehicles, or UAVs, provide businesses and other organizations with an inexpensive way to provide remote control capabilities to their employees. A UAV might be remotely flown from inside the office building to a pickup truck to an airplane at a remote airfield, and even down to a vessel at a marina. The versatility and utility of these new types of UAVs make them a great choice for many different businesses.

Another example is the DJI Phantom Quadcopter Drone. The fpv model of this type of quadcopter is ideal for the individual or business that has needs for aerial photography or filming needs. The DJI Phantom has been specifically designed to be the most durable and user friendly aerial photography platform available on the market today. The fpv model will come equipped with a carrying case and carrying transmitter, and it is capable of performing indoor and outdoor flights up to thirty minutes each without recharging.

Another example is the DJI Phantom 2.0. This is one of the most advanced models available. It offers the user the option of either one-way flight mode, where the machine will fly in one direction but reverse automatically when moving in the opposite direction of the intended target, or two-way flight mode, which offers the user more control and maneuverability, as well as higher altitude. The one-way and two-way modes offer the user increased autonomy over the machine, as well as longer flight times, increased stability, and a greater sense of flight.

Some RC Model Kits offers the user the ability to purchase a specific type of quadcopter aircraft, such as the first-generation of helicopters. These kits are popular for users who are interested in purchasing one of these aircraft but do not have the space to store or transport a full size model airplane. Additionally, some kits will allow a user to upgrade their current RC model by purchasing additional radio controls or faster motors.

Lastly, there are generally two types of propellers used in RC model helicopters. There are fixed propellers that cannot be changed. However, the rotors themselves can be changed. In order to change the rotors, a user must remove the propeller assembly, detach it from the aircraft, cut off the leading edge, and replace the rotor with a new one that matches the size, shape, and lift force of the propeller.

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