A quadcopter, or quadrotor as they are also called, is a kind of helicopter with two rotors, which are used to fly in the air. A “quad” is short for a quattro, which is Italian for “four wheels”. These machines use their four wheels to propel themselves; they move forward on the ground by spinning and counter rotating their blades. The propellers on these machines can be controlled either manually, electronically or pneumatically.

These machines were initially designed for military purposes. However, with the advent of more affordable and reliable technology, many people are now using them for recreational purposes. Many quadcopters are remote control versions of helicopters. Remote controlled helicopters, commonly known as RC helicopters are ideal for people who like flying in the wild but are not ready to invest in an expensive and high tech aircraft.

There are many different kinds of quadcopters available in the market today. All of them have four spinning propellers, but the way in which they operate and the number of propellers vary significantly. Some quadcopters are able to fly very accurately and can follow a person just fine; they can also fly autonomously and at a much slower pace than a remote control model. However, if you want to learn to fly one of these very sophisticated machines, it is important that you buy one of the most affordable models. A common mistake among amateurs is thinking that a more expensive quadcopter is necessarily better, when in fact it comes down to the particular type of application that you want.

One type of quadcopter that is gaining popularity with hobbyists is the remote controlled quadcopter, or UAV. UAV stands for unmanned aerial vehicle, and these remote control machines are ideal for hobbyists who are interested in the commercial application of quadcopters. Commercial grade UAVs are capable of achieving speeds of up to speeds of above 125 miles per hour. They are also quite robust, and able to withstand crashes and extreme weather conditions. Since most commercial UAVs are powered by a lithium battery, it is possible to store enough power for numerous flights.

Most of the consumer grade models of quadcopters will be suitable for general purposes, although some hobbyists will be interested in specialized models that are capable of much greater speeds and greater altitude. If you are interested in using quadcopters for aerial photography, the hobbyist UAVs are the perfect choice, since these are capable of reaching very high speeds and performing much better than their slower less advanced cousins. Consumer grade quads are also available that are equipped with a system of brushless motors. Brushless motors allow for high levels of torque to make your quadcopter fly quickly and without over-speed, and they are very reliable, making these devices excellent for getting your message across.

There are different quadcopter motor configuration options. Most common are single-rotor or two-rotor configurations, with each having their own counterclockwise and clockwise speeds. It is important to make sure that your quadcopter model features both counterclockwise and clockwise speeds, so that you can control your quadcopter accordingly during flight. The two most popular types of brushed motor configurations are either “Quadpole” or “Quadrix”, and the most common counterclockwise/clockwise rotation is “PT”. It is important to understand that not all quadcopter models are compatible with all types of brushed motor configurations; this is why it is so important to do your research and purchase your choicest UAV with the corresponding counterclockwise/clockwise motor configuration that you desire.

A popular option for advanced users of UAVs is the use of a “Quadrotor Multi Receiver”. This feature allows your transmitter to connect to your receivers remote via radio frequency, allowing for complete control from a single source. Some devices may require that the “Busy” option on the receiver be set to “ON”, to enable all four motors to run at the same speed. If your RC model has a built in switch, this is easy to change by purchasing a separate “Busy” switch for each of the four motors. Another convenient option for the advanced user is to connect each quadrant of the rotor to its respective input on the transmitter, then connect the output of those motors to the channels that the corresponding quadrant is supposed to be on.

The next time you’re looking for a new RC model for your remote controlled flying adventure, consider looking into the possibility of using a quadcopter with some sort of “flight modes”. There are a number of flight modes available, all of which are designed to give the pilot a great degree of control over the type of flying experience that they get. Simple one channel flight mode will allow the pilot to easily control the overall direction and pace of the quadcopter. A two channel mode will allow the pilot to control the pitch and roll of the aircraft in response to the speed of the motor. A three channel mode will allow the pilot to more accurately control the altitude and heading of the aircraft, and a four channel mode will let the pilot fly at very high altitudes and still keep the aircraft stable.

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