The Cheapest Drone/Quad copter available in India – Wheelociti X10 review. A great value for money drone purchased from Big Bazaar. All the other available drones are wither mini or nano size which are almost the size of an adult palm. This one is double the size of a palm. Secondly it is at the cost of a nano drone only. I purchased it for 1689 only using multiple wallet discounts at Big Bazaar Stores Kolkata. Its totally worth the money. Great quality and have been using it since last 3 weeks now. On the first day while checking the height of the drone we accidentally steered it in the wrong direction and it got stuck on a tree approx 50 feet high. We could not do anything and was stuck there for 3 days :P.
At the end we had to call a man lift / crane to get it out as the tree was located in a company compound which was closed since last 20 years. Can you believe it that we hired a 300$ crane to pull out a 30$ drone from a tree. : P 😛 : P LOL Will upload the rescue operation video as well shortly for you all to enjoy. 😛 😛

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