A quadcopter or quadrone is a kind of mini helicopter with two rotors that are used for recreational purposes. It is similar to the real helicopter, but scaled down. The controls of this miniature helicopter are smaller than those of a real helicopter. It is ideal for use by children as it has a lightweight design and is easy to carry. The battery operated remote control is also quite user friendly. This type of toy helicopter is very popular with children because they can fly at higher altitudes than an electric helicopter and can also perform inverted flight.

There are four types of quadcopters namely, the fixed blade, the electric motorized, the gas powered and the battery powered. In the case of the fixed blade quadcopter, there is only a single blade on the top and the tail remains stationary. This quad copter runs on propellers and can either be brushless or servo. On the other hand, the gas-powered one has two propellers on each side whereas the brushless one has none at all. The lithium polymer (or LiPo) batteries used in these batteries have a higher capacity and can provide the flight time for more than twenty minutes.

A separate propeller provides the push that propels the quadcopter. There are generally three different propellers; the inner propeller runs counter-clockwise, the outer propeller is clockwise and the pointer propeller is anticlockwise. When these propellers are spinning clockwise, thrust is generated and when they are spinning anticlockwise, thrust is generated. This enables the user to change the thrust he wants by simply rotating one of the propellers. Each propeller has a particular rating; the larger the motor, the greater the thrust.

There are various models of RC quadcopter. Each model has four rotors and each has its own transmission. In some instances, the transmitter is mounted on the quadcopter itself while in others, it is mounted on a separate radio receiver that allows you to control the quadcopter without having to control the transmitter.

Each type of quadcopter has its own advantages. The helicopter is known to be one of the fastest and the best for getting a quick ride. The problem with this type is that the rider has to be as low to the ground as possible or else the craft will not have sufficient lift. In spite of this disadvantage, this type of RC helicopter is still used extensively by hobbyists.

On the other hand, the four rotor quadcopter is also very stable. This is because the stability is provided by the counter-clockwise rotation of the propellers. If you intend to do stunt flying, this is the ideal choice. You can make a lot of quick flights even in a unfavorable environment if you use a quadrotor helicopter. However, this type is also slow to climb and come in to contact with a throttle that is much lighter than the helicopter.

It is advisable to purchase a quadcopter that comes with some type of flight controls. There are three types of flight controllers you can use with your quadcopter: Radio Controlled (RC) helicopters, Battery Operated (BOC) helicopters, and Full Flight Control (FFC). The difference between these three is that BOC flight controllers allow you to move forward and reverse your quadcopter whereas FFC allows you to hover over a specific area. Battery operated and Radio Controlled helicopters are best used indoors as they are easier to control indoors.

UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are commonly referred to as flyers or bots. They are small remote control aircraft or robots. They are commonly used in warfare where a UAV is capable of dropping bombs on enemy positions and at times can also shoot down other enemy drones. A UAV is capable of completing a mission by flying over a specific area and dropping bombs on designated points. This is the reason why they have been named as aerial vehicles. In the past, there have been different types of unmanned aerial vehicles invented such as the Manta Ray and the Phoenix which were used for intelligence and surveillance purposes.

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