We are in the age of new technology and one such technology is the Best Drones available in the market today. The Best Drones provide a wide range of services that satisfy almost every individual on this planet. These best drones come with an array of features that help us to do many things. Learning with the help of these best Drones makes our job easy. Here mention the top five best drones available in the market today.

The DJI Inspire 5 is one of the best flying drones available in the market today. It is equipped with a host of innovative features that help to deliver superior quality videos. This flying robot is powered by a lithium-polymer battery, it has a maximum flight time of about five hours and can even be used for recording movies. It is also capable of transmitting via WiFi, Bluetooth and can be connected to a computer via its SD card.

The HP iPAQ Tall is another one among the best flying drones available in the market. This remote control flying robot is a great educational tool. It is equipped with two remote control transmitters that operate both the transmitter and the receiver. It is a high definition camera with two Megapixels and an astounding thirty-five degree pan/tilt sensitive camera. The camera has a night vision capability and can withstand a low light condition of up to two meters.

The DJI Phantom 3 is one of the best drones that can be bought. It is quite an exceptional product as it is capable of inverted flight, indoor usage, outdoor usage and it can carry out the three dimensional operations. It is one of the best quadcopter drone models that are available in the market. It is powerful and is capable of inverted flight operation. It is powered by a lithium-polymer battery and has a flight time of thirty minutes. It can fly to a distance of fifteen miles.

The Xuron is another one among the best drones in the market and is a remote control vehicle. It is capable of inverted flight operation and can go up to thirty miles. It has a high definition camera and is a long lasting battery with a run time of two hours. It can fly indoors and outdoors and its long flight time gives it the advantage of being used for surveillance purposes.

The Roboquad RC4 is one of the best educational drones and is a great choice for younger kids. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and it is an excellent model for those who have a keen interest in RC vehicles. It is powered by a lithium-polymer battery and is suitable for indoor use. It can fly up to thirty minutes on one charge. It can perform three dimensional flight maneuvers and is suitable for those who want to get an in-depth experience of what it takes to be a professional RC pilot. It can be used to play indoor sports like basketball, Frisbee and more.

For those who are looking for drones that can perform multi-mission operations and will last longer than a flight time of five minutes, they should try the Tello educational drone. It is equipped with four mini HD cameras and one laser camera. It has a range of eighteen inches and can be used indoors or outdoors and it comes with a user guide, flight modes and an operation manual. It has maximum ground clearance of three inches and comes with a carrying case.

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is a great choice for those who would like to have ultimate autonomy while using their remote control helicopters. It comes with a powerful processor and is able to autonomously control the altitude, horizontal tracking and flight duration. It is a fully programmable device and is powered by lithium batteries. The Phantom is a great buy as it has all the features of a full-fledged remote control helicopter but weighs only 250 grams. It is also ideal for indoor and outdoor use and is able to stay aloft up to thirty minutes after a recharge. It has two-sided control sticks and can work in conjunction with the remote control app for complete control.

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