A quadcopter is usually defined as a kind of helicopter with two rotors where there is one rotor and a tail rotor. It is a good choice for those who are looking for a quick and easy solution for flying remote control helicopters. In some versions of these helicopters, the copter has three rotors instead of two. Some models of a quadcopter may even have as many as eight rotors. The number of rotors is dependent on the size and weight of the aircraft and its overall design.

A quadcopter can be controlled either by the pilot or by a remote control. The first version of this kind of helicopter was introduced in the year 1950. It was a refinement of the early radio-controlled helicopters. In its early days, the quad copter had four rotors, but it was quickly decided to reduce the size to two for better flight performance. Today, most modern quadcopters have two rotors.

The quadcopter can be used for various applications. Most popularly used in recreational drone use, they can be used for simple real-time video streaming and racing. Some enthusiasts also use them to build remote control planes, which can be flown indoors or outdoors and provide a great hobby. Others use quadcopters to create artistic works using hobbyist-designed electronics and remote control hardware. Remote control helicopters, commonly referred to as RC toys, are also widely used by hobbyists who prefer the more realistic and challenging flight experiences offered by an RC quadcopter.

Quadcopters have two major components: the transmitter and the rotor assembly. The transmitter, also called the controller, will be connected to the computer and run various commands depending on what the user wants to accomplish. The commands can be used to accelerate, decelerate, stop, or even change the altitude and direction. The speed and pitch of the rotor can be altered with the use of a transmitter; however, for advanced users, a transmitter is not necessary as there are programs, such as RC flight simulators, that allow the user to adjust and fine tune the characteristics of the quadcopter.

Typically, quadcopters have one of four types of rotors. They can be made out of carbon-fiber, nylon, metal, or plastic composites. The rotor is usually made out of balsa, which is lightweight and can be shaped and bent into various designs. Each type of rotors has its own benefits, which are discussed below. The weight of the rotor can vary, depending on the application, so weight saving is one benefit that can be achieved with the use of lighter rotors.

Depending on the purpose of the aircraft, each type of rotors will provide slightly different thrust and lift. For example, if a helicopter is going to be used for climbing and performing aerobatically, the strength of the rotor will be greater than if it were to be used for gliding. Likewise, if the aircraft is to perform acrobatics, the strength of the rotor will be lower than the strength of the engine. Thus, the size of the aircraft needs to be considered in terms of the thrust/wing load balance, and then compared to the engine size.

Quadcopters are generally made out of four components, which are the rotor, the main body of the aircraft, the motor, and the channel or fan of air that propels the rotor. Since these four components need to work together, it is important that they are strong and can withstand high-impact operations. Thus, a person looking to purchase a quadcopter should consider whether the combination of components will be adequate for the intended use.

A very popular type of quadcopter is the brushed motor quadcopter. These are called brushless because instead of having an electric motor connected to the propeller, it uses counter-current. In this case, the electric motors are not necessary because the blades of the rotors will do the work. Although brushed motors do consume more power than other types of motors, they are highly efficient and can fly up to one hundred ninety miles per hour.

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